Staying in the Nablus Youth Hostel is considered a cultural experience, since itís located in one of the most popular areas in the city, and has lots of nice neighbors who are more than happy to share their stories and welcome any international visitors. Also, a wide range of traditional dishes and sweets, such as Kunafa, is offered, and although thereís an additional cost, but it is considered an invitation to discover the Palestinian cuisine and culture, since food is like a ritual and is considered to be the soul of the house. Therefore your time here will offer you the opportunity to get closer to the traditional cuisine whilst gaining a deeper insight into the Palestinian culture.

The hostel provides sleeping arrangements for up to 20 people, with separate accommodations for both males and females; 3 bathrooms equipped with the needed facilities, 1 living room with a dining table and a TV set and another oriental living room where you can relax during the afternoon and 1 large kitchen with all the necessary equipment and a yard renovated but still keeping the same structure and bricks used when the house was built. And thereís also wireless internet access for free!


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