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Situated in the heart of Nablus city, the Nablus Youth Hostel is conveniently close to all the important facilities of the city. Itís a 2-minute walk from the city center, and very close to the service-taxis station which can get you anywhere you would like to go within the city, as well as the bus station where you will find relatively cheap transportation to any other city you would like to visit.
Having been built to be a family house, the hostel has a really comfortable cozy feeling to it. When you first enter, youíre welcomed by a yard renovated but still keeping the same structure and bricks used when the house was built; there you can have your morning coffee or relax in the evening after a long day of walking around the city.

Nablus Youth Hostel was first built over 100 years ago on the side of, what was then, the train railway that once connected Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It was owned by one of the oldest and biggest families in Nablus, Al-Khayyats, and they built it according to the architectural structures that were popular in the area at that time. Later, and because of the repeated invasions of the city, they had to move out of the house, and parts of it were destroyed. Recently the house owner, Mr. Hamza Khayyat, decided to renovate it and turn it into a hostel to provide a home for all international visitors who are interested in experiencing the Palestinian culture, especially the Nabulsi one, from an inside point of view.

The owners of the Hostel are well known for their philanthropy work, so they set aside a part of the income from the Hostel to be a donation to the Human Supporters Association, a local NGO in Nablus, to help fund their projects that deal with the children of Nablus and its surroundings. Most of the projects that they help fund focus on the traumatic cases in the society and provide the youth with a safe place to express their feelings and experiences and talk about their personal stories.


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